Caviar is the brand of exclusive accessories. 

Caviar creates smartphones and watches that unite modern technologies and classic luxury. Each new model becomes a coveted premiere, among other luxe-class accessories. We use exotic and valuable materials: gold, silver, genuine leather, precious stones – we've chosen the best materials for the most sophisticated connoisseurs. 

Our other direction is Caviar Atelier. We are delighted to create a masterpiece according to your sketch, and for this reason, we have a unique jewelry workshop. Every piece produced in the atelier will always remain one of a kind.



Our mission is to change your attitude towards everyday accessories. We design exclusive limited-edition collections so that the accessories can emphasize the individual style of each person. We want luxury accessories to be associated with us. To do this, we are ready to prove that everyday things can be impressive and luxurious.



Not everyone likes to choose from a limited list of impersonal accessories. If you are not ready to contend with little, you are now welcome to a world of genuine luxury and absolute personalization. The Caviar style is the individuality that you deserve in every detail. In each collection, we respect the strict limits of circulation, so that the models remain as unique and individual as possible. It is a reflection of your inner world that cannot be replicated by hundreds of thousands. Be free in your uniqueness with our brand.



Don't accept compromises; get everything at once! Society dictates what to wear and look like, but we can take care of it ourselves. Those who chose Caviar never look back on the mainstream; they create their style. You're the only one who decides what's worthy of your personality. Our brand gives it to you. We know who our customer is, and for ten years, we have been growing and changing with them. We are changing, but we have been able to preserve the brand's recognizable DNA and strength of character always to get what you want.



There are no problematic tasks for our masters. They artfully combine exquisite luxury and intricate mechanisms, creating limited collections with stunning design. The design of each model is remarkable because dozens of masters hands engrave, enamel, or inlay it. Each accessory is part of the handcrafting of the most experienced jewelers who know how to work with precious materials. Manual work can guarantee that each accessory is created exclusively for you and provides genuine exclusivity.