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  1. Caviar iPhone 11/iPhone 12 Pro — CREDO RED DRAGON


    Price From: CA$9,320
    Meet this year's symbol in the design of the new smartphone! The white metal rat is the leading animal of the 2020 Eastern calendar. The new Caviar phones in the "Creado Metal Rat" version got titanium case and embossed engraving. The main feature is the three-dimensional image of the white metal rat. This smartphone could be an excellent present for the most important person and a real mascot of this year.
  2. Caviar iPhone 11/iPhone 12 Pro — CREDO METAL RAT


    Price From: CA$6,500
    As the symbol of the year 2020, rat represents success, intelligence, welfare and financial well-being. What more could one ask for? Caviar included a 3D image of the white metal rat to the design of the iPhone Custom so it would always bring luck to the smartphone owner. The back panel is made of titanium and comprises a V-shaped brand “tick”. This model perfectly fits those who can brilliantly use their skills to derive the best of the situations they are in.
  3. Caviar iPhone 11/iPhone 12 Pro — MEKKA SILVER FINE GOLD


    Price From: CA$19,390
    The outstanding charm, art, picturesqueness, and beauty characterize the new custom phone in the collection dedicated to Islam. The iPhone's design spectacularly and harmoniously mixes the elements of white titanium and beautiful yellow gold 750 content. They're producing the dramatic play of differing shades. On the base coated with white, there is the volumetric image, which is embroidered with the lace of gold. It depicts the legendary view of the forbidden Al-Haram mosque in Mecca. The Muslim central holy city, where the entrance is closed for the other religions, Mecca inspired the Caviar designers and jewelers to create these Caviar luxury phones. In the center of the design, there are floral motifs that are widely occurred in Muslim culture. They decorate the Al-Haram buildings that guard the holy place. According to legend, the prophet Ibrahim was standing there. An arched figure that gives us a view of the minarets and the Kaaba also repeats the silhouette of Ibrahim's maqam. In the center of the composition is a crescent moon and a star, a shining ensemble of minarets and Kaaba. The main shrine of Islam placed under these images.
  4. Caviar iPhone 11/iPhone 12 Pro — CREDO MEDINA NEPHRITE


    Price From: CA$7,690
    Creators, artists, and even our jewelers often turn to past artistic traditions in search of inspiration. One of the fascinating epochs is the Renaissance, which inspired us to create this smartphone. Caviar Believe Medina Gold is an expression of respect for Islamic culture and its contemporary interpretation in gorgeous smartphone design. In creating this smartphone, jewelers have embedded traditional Islamic symbols in it. The symbols of the Muslim faith are artfully crafted using precious materials. The white gold panel contains inscriptions in "girih" and "islimi" techniques. This panel also includes bas-reliefs of the Masjid al-Nabawi Mosque. The high relief of the image has gilding, which works perfectly with the emerald color. Such detailed work of jewelers requires a lot of time and mastery, but four days of work are worth admiring such a luxurious design of custom iPhone Canada.
  5. Caviar iPhone 11/iPhone 12 Pro — SAINT NICHOLAS


    Price From: CA$8,130
    St Nicholas is the patron saint of sellers and travelers. He also helps the sick and those who are starting up a new business. People pray to him to get his support and protection. The materials of this smartphone are precious metals. Since ancient times, it is believed that precious metals have healing properties. The body of this phone is made of sterling silver, which has antibacterial properties. Silver is combined with 18-carat gold, the features of which is to strengthen the immune system and improve overall health. Custom iPhone Canada “Saint Nicholas” will be your reliable talisman in everyday life and will protect you from dangers and insecurity. It is the ideal gift for religious people or connoisseurs of art, who will accurately appreciate the magnificence of this accessory. Limited edition - 99 pieces.
  6. Caviar iPhone 11/iPhone 12 Pro — CREDO CHRISTMAS STAR DIAMOND


    Price From: CA$167,350
    Christmas is the most awaited holiday among people from all over the world. We are looking forward to this magical night to congratulate our dearest ones with a sinking heart and make our sincere wishes. Everyone enjoys a delightful evening and conversations with our nearest these winter days. To respect this holy day, our designers created the gold plated iPhone in the body of 750-content gold. There is a shimmering diamond of 3 carats in the heart of the composition. That symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem, which guided the Magi to the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Eight little diamonds imitating the star endings and frame it. A gold bas-relief adorns the lower part of the body with the scene of Jesus Christ's birth. iPhone 11 Pro "Diamond Christmas Star" is a genuinely exclusive smartphone. The single copy in the world, precious and perfect. It bears a unique joy of Christmas that predicts the start of a new, happy year. Limited edition – only one copy.
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