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  1. Caviar iPhone 11/iPhone 12 Pro — DISCOVERY LUNA


    Price From: CA$14,770
    This smartphone is the exclusive version of the iPhone Custom with a space body built in it. The Discovery design presents one of the most popular Caviar designs – iPhone Tourbillon with a unique feature. In every smartphone, there is a piece of the Moon, inlaid in this fabulous smartphone. The body is made of blackened titanium and firm carbon. The face of the built-in tourbillon watch has contrasting decorative additions echoing the image of the Moon and made of the composite stone. The part of the Moon inlaid inside the tourbillon watch in the midnight position. Also, you can find the Latin names of the space bodies on a titanium basis that applied in the manual engraving technique. This customized iPhone 11 Pro is an exclusive version, created to captivate astronomy enthusiasts. This design will be an extraordinary find for those who admire the magic of outer space. Touch the endless expanses of outer space with the refined part of the Moon in your new smartphone from the Discovery Luna edition. Limited edition, only 19 pieces manufactured.
  2. Caviar iPhone 11/iPhone 12 Pro — DISCOVERY MARS


    Price From: CA$12,710
    Powerful and influential, Mars is a planet of energy, passion and desire. This Red Planet symbolizes war as it got its name from the Roman god of the same name. No wonder while developing the concept of the new design, Caviar could not ignore the planet with such strong and fierce nature. Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Discovery Mars is the embodiment of masculinity and fiery passion in the body of blackened titanium with names of the space objects engraved in Latin. The inserts of composite stone echoing the surface of Mars are made in the color of the planet's hue – flaming red. A mechanism with tourbillon containing a piece of Mars in the “12 o’clock” position adorns the composition. This smartphone is designed for strong personalities who are motivated to be confident on their own. Caviar phone Canada is available in a limited edition – 19 pcs.
  3. Caviar iPhone 11/iPhone 12 Pro — GRAND COMPLICATIONS SKELETON BLACK


    Price From: CA$11,930
    Black color symbolizes elegance, relevance, and the triumph of superior taste. It will not give up its place of honor to anyone else. Since it is an immortal classic, designers often use it when creating another masterpiece. The legendary Grand Complications Skeleton model is presented in a new elegant black look. It is a sophisticated design, released in black, and consists of many figures, which echo the gears and other parts of the clockwork mechanism. The only thing that stands out against the monochrome background is the incredible watch. This design has made it possible to make the watch look more austere, restrained, and concise, but it also focuses as much as possible on the constant movement of the hands. If you prefer classic, timeless solutions and remain faithful to the same postulates and values, this Caviar phone is for you. This superior, accurate design brings time to the fore from the mysterious and magnificent darkness. Limited Edition - 99 copies.
  4. Caviar iPhone 11/iPhone 12 Pro — GRAND COMPLICATIONS SKELETON GOLD


    Price From: CA$11,320
    The "Grand Complications" watches are the leader among premium watches. Among the watch's world elite, there is only one rule: "The more intricate, the better!" We use this principle to customize modern Caviar luxury phones. What came out of it? The incredible iPhone XS, complemented by a real watch mechanism. Today you can get a modern smartphone with advanced technology and limitless possibilities. At the same time, it can be exclusive and original with the precise elite "skeleton" watch, which looks like a real work of art. The watch is gold plated and turns the back of your phone elegant and unique. The classic combination of gold and black will always be up-to-date. This color scheme is associated with success, business, and reflects your impeccable sense of style. Now any side of your smartphone will quickly answer the question, "What time is it?". The classic art of watchmaking is not a thing of the past. It transforms and helps to create an impressive combination of innovations and traditions.
  5. Caviar iPhone 11/iPhone 12 Pro — GRAND COMPLICATIONS SKELETON TITAN


    Price From: CA$10,400
    It is unattainable to stop time. Let's not chase the impossible. Nevertheless, we can appreciate its flow and use every second. There is nothing as good as watching the time with a traditional watch. The measured movements of the clock's hands conceal all the beauty and grandeur of life's journey. We present a custom iPhone 11 Pro with the mechanical skeleton watch inserted. It took a distinguished place among other impressive decorative titanium gears and beautiful patterns, repeating the internal design of the watch. The heart of a real clock's movement beats inside this accessory. The design is a so-called skeleton – it allows you to see how the watch is working from inside. It is like you are looking at a non-stop micro-universe, which always pushes the hands around a circle. It is an exceptional design with a grand idea and distinguished appearance. The grandiose technologies and the great legacy of watch manufactures have met and created an excellent accessory for you.
  6. Caviar iPhone 11/iPhone 12 Pro — GRAND COMPLICATIONS TOURBILLON


    Price From: CA$12,640
    The beginning of a unique idea is always a flash of inspiration. History remembers a lot of cases when a seemingly not noticeable push followed to a vast, important discovery in the science or the art. But the insight comes only to those who are ready for it. It comes only to those who have a working mind that has an idea for a long time and thinking about it with constant obsession. This magical inspiration happened to us, too! By starting a collection of smartphones with luxurious designs "Grand Complications", by designing iPhone 11 Pro with a watch, skeletonized inside. We continue the history of the most significant mechanisms integrated into the smartphone design. Today we want to introduce the smartphone, the body of which is complemented by a watch mechanism. But it is not enough for us, and we launch a smartphone with a watch and a tourbillon! The "tourbillon" means "vortex" in French. It is a miniature, constantly rotating tool that compensates the gravitation force on the time reckoning. Thus, we got an entirely correct watch. The design of these custom iPhones, in which the tourbillon is included, presents a sensational panel of blacked PVD titanium. It is also decorated with figures that show us the story of planets' orbits, the force of gravity fields, and the attraction of pure beauty! Limited Edition - 99 pieces


    Price From: CA$12,750
    The idea of a powerful tandem of innovative smartphones and classic tourbillon watches captivated the minds of Caviar designers. So they created another masterpiece based on the fusion of the past and future. It has the spirit of modernity, unique style, and self-confidence! The use of the tourbillon, a mechanism that eliminates the inaccuracy in precision caused by gravity, is the latest innovation in the world of smartphones, first implemented in Caviar luxury phones. The powerful yet elegant blend of technology, classic mechanism, beautiful forms, and black carbon has become a real stylish and aesthetic jackpot! It's the perfect spectacular and balanced combination that you want to proclaim it a benchmark. The body of the smartphone has decorative elements made of carbon and composite black onyx. The predominance of black makes the elements covered with gold even brighter and more vibrant, and the essence of the idea of precision comes out of the darkness. This smartphone is a unique accessory for those who know that time is money! The limited-edition 39 copies.
  8. Caviar iPhone 11/iPhone 12 Pro — UNIVERSE


    Price From: CA$11,970
    We always get excited, creating something big! We take risks; we look forward to it; we go towards something new. It's as exciting as going out into outer space! Especially now when we're inspired by outer space and the solar system. The design of this gold plated iPhone is unique. To create it, we conceived the impossible. The design of this case uses a vast amount of precious materials: gold, dazzling diamonds, beautiful rubies, topazes of the rarest and brightest color. But that's not the most valuable materials, because it has real artifacts of space travel! It is a real fragment of a spaceship that has traveled far away from Earth, and even a particle of the moon. All these incredible treasures are located on the body of the smartphone and beautifully inscribed in the miniature image of the solar system. Also, the smartphone is completed with a mechanical tourbillon watch. The model will be released only in 1 copy. Now the project of this unique concept is kept in a secret place and waiting for its owner.
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