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  1. Caviar iPhone11 Pro/iPhone 12 Pro DRAGON


    Price From: CA$7,950
    The dragon is a symbol of well-being, wisdom, and comfort. The dragon is also considered the patron of determined people who seek peace and prosperity. If this fantastic creation is your symbol, it is likely that you are ambitious and have serious plans for the future. To be charged with the powerful energy of this animal, you must possess an invincible spirit and a strong will. This person is the true master of his destiny and fully control their lives. Their energy is often transmitted to the people around them. Custom iPhone 11 Pro Dragon is a modern accessory made of sterling silver. It has a special meaning and will undoubtedly become your talisman, which will bring prosperity. The limited-edition is 99 pieces.
  2. Caviar iPhone11 Pro/iPhone 12 Pro HAND OF FATIMA


    Price From: CA$5,290
    Hand of Fatima or "Khamsa" is a talisman believed to repel negative energy and to bring peace to your home. Also, this talisman is a protection against the "evil eye." The custom phone, "Hand of Fatima," is made from pure sterling silver. The case has decorative elements with engraved floral ornament. The symbol is in the heart of the composition. iPhone 11 Pro Hand of Fatima is an excellent accessorize which highlights and reveals the owner's status. It is also a potent protecting symbol able to save from evil plans or to support in stressful situations.
  3. Caviar iPhone 11/iPhone 12 Pro — LOTUS


    Price From: CA$7,870
    People for whom balance and knowledge are essential, prefer the lotus as their talisman. This is an interesting fact, as the lotus flower symbolizes strength and perseverance. It grows in swamps, where it is challenging to get through mud or sludge. However, it grows and turns into a beautiful, attractive, and unique flower. The iPhone 11 Pro Lotus depicts a golden lotus on a silver background. This combination will emphasize your sense of style, and you will find your spiritual balance with a Caviar phone with this symbol. Limited Edition of 99 pieces.
  4. Caviar iPhone 11/iPhone 12 Pro — TOTEM BEAR


    There is no one more suitable to portray the range of powerful symbols than bear. This beast stands for strength, courage, vitality and energy, so does this outstanding design of iPhone 11 Pro by Caviar. Known as the most powerful coastal animal, the bear has been worshiped throughout the ages. The spirit of this creature is a strong source of support in challenging times, so Caviar designers were thoughtful enough to incorporate the image of the bear into their new smartphone. Made of titanium with PVD covering of black color, Caviar custom iPhone 11 Pro Totem Bear includes satin decoration and an image of a grinning bear made in the laser engraving technique. Such a rethinking of the concept of ancient talisman makes this accessory perfect for those who have this animal as a totem.
  5. Caviar iPhone 11/iPhone 12 Pro — TOTEM GOLDFISH


    Price From: CA$6,950
    The symbol of luck and superiority, abundance and harmony, prosperity and strength – what else than a Koi, often referred as a king of all fish, would be better suited to be a powerful talisman for its owner? Laser engraving of a goldfish on the back panel of the unique iPhone 11 Pro by Caviar is bound to attract good fortune and welfare to the owner of the smartphone, as its golden scales symbolize wealth and are highly valued in many cultures. In its unmatched diversity of interpretations, Koi can also bring a sense of calmness and peace to those who see this animal as a guide. Relief wave ornament of the body made of polished titanium complements the design, turning Caviar Phone Totem Goldfish from an esthetically pleasant model to an inspirational reminder of the wildest dreams fulfilling of which was just made possible by this very smartphone.
  6. Caviar iPhone 11/iPhone 12 Pro — TOTEM TIGER


    Price From: CA$8,130
    Formidable and terrifying – the gold tiger personifies the energy of creation and destruction, protection and danger, nobility and rage. Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Totem Tiger created for dynamic people that live in a dynamic tempo. The tiger is a symbol full of the energy of speed, success and achievements. The body of the iPhone 11 Pro is made of titanium with gold PVD covering and decorated with staining. The image of a tiger with a terrifying grin is made in the laser engraving technique on metal. Fill in even the everyday moments of your life with deep sense with the new accessory Caviar iPhone Totem Tiger.
  7. Caviar iPhone 11/iPhone 12 Pro — TOTEM LION


    Price From: CA$6,960
    Strength and honor. By choosing a lion as a totem animal, you show your strength of will and nobility. The lion is the king of beasts. He is robust, furious, powerful, and anyone can see those traits in his image. Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Totem Lion is perfect for a true leader, strategist, or manager. The main distinguishing feature of the lion as a symbol is the combination of such concepts as predation and royal majesty. The body of this customized iPhone 11 Pro made of titanium and black PVD coating with staining. The main image shows a lion with a grin. It is applied with a lasering engraving method on metal. This gorgeous Caviar phone Canada will be your original mascot and a reminder of your true identity. It is not an ordinary accessory, only for true connoisseurs of royal luxury.
  8. Caviar iPhone 11/iPhone 12 Pro — TOTEM WOLF


    Price From: CA$6,950
    Wolf is an incredibly strong animal, which has powerful energy and symbolizes the connection between the spiritual and the real world. This majestic animal represents a symbol of wisdom, willpower, intuition, and noble rage. Those people who choose the wolf as their totem animal demonstrate their intellectual curiosity, insight, determination, and desire to improve these qualities. They have a sense of justice and are willing to stand up for it. The body of the Caviar phone has a black PVD coating, is made of titanium, and is decorated with satin. The image of the wolf applied by laser engraving. Emphasize your masculinity and willpower, thirst for justice, and advanced intuition with this incredible iPhone 11 Pro. It will be your symbol and companion every day.
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